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Supernatural thriller, drama, mystery about two girls that vanish into the woods on the day that both of their parents were killed their uncle adopts the girls and strange things start to happen when they go to live with him. Are they the only people living with the uncle or is their something more sinister at hand?



Daniel Kash Isabelle Nelisse Jane Moffat Javier Botet Jessica Chastain Megan Charpentier Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Andrés Muschietti



Horror Mystery Drama




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This is not your average horror movie with the usual type of scenes you would find in a horror movie I would class this movie as more of a drama than horror although the movie had a small budget its still a good movie and definitely worth a watch if you have nothing better to do. The volume switches to very low to very high so its probably best to watch this movie without earphones and preferable when nobody is asleep in the house. All in all I would say this movie gets a score of 6-10

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